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All orders placed by 2nd January will be posted on Jan 4th

Orders placed between 2nd Jan-17th Jan will be posted out on Jan 18th

I’m starting 2016 with one really big change, we have bought our first house and will be moving in early  January!! Because this means packing up my studio and putting it all back together (with some decorating to do in between) I won’t be posting orders out until Jan 18th. Orders placed between 2nd Jan-17th Jan will be posted out on Jan 18th. After that, orders will go back to being posted out within 3 working days.


Please place orders by the date for your region to receive them in time for Christmas. Dates are based on the last posting dates given by Royal Mail, I’m afraid that I’m unable to make any guarantee that the orders will arrive in time. After these dates orders will still be posted out within 3 working days, but it’s unlikely they would arrive in time for Christmas.

30th Nov – Africa, Middle East

1st Dec – Asia, Cyprus, Far East, Japan, Eastern Europe (ex. Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia)

3rd Dec – Caribbean, Central & South America

7th Dec – Greece, Australia, New Zealand

8th Dec – Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Poland

9th Dec – USA, Canada, Finland, Sweden

10th Dec – Austria, Iceland, Ireland, Portugal, Spain

11th Dec – France

14th Dec – Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia, Switzerland

16th Dec – UK

A drawing a day gallery

I started doing a drawing every day on 23rd September 2015. I add them all below (excuse the terrible light in most of the photos, I tend to do my drawings in the evening! Also some of them might be sideways, I’m working on finding out why!).

Autumn beech leaves: 26.10.15


fly agaric: 25.10.15


Soup recipe: 24.10.15


Border collie: 23.10.15


Herring gull: 22.10.15


Red cabbage: 21.10.15


Sleepy cat: 20.10.15


Rowan tree: 19.10.15


Octopus: 18.10.15


American Robin: 17.10.15


Koala: 16.10.15


Wombat: 15.10.15


Pencil shavings: 14.10.15


Trainers: 13.10.15


Conkers: 12.10.15


Border terrier: 11.10.15


Poppy: 11.10.15 (I did 2 this day as I missed out the 10th!)


Stuff on my desk. 09.10.15


Siamese cat. 08.10.15


Toadstools. 07.10.15


Bittern. 06.10.15


Blue Jay. 05.10.15


Jack russell. 04.10.15


Strawberries. 03.10.15


American Goldfinch. 02.10.15


Tufted titmouse. 01.10.15


Northern cardinal. 30.09.15


Morel mushroom. 29.09.15


Blackberries. 28.09.15


Red admiral. 27.09.15


Fancy coffee equipment. 26.09.15IMG_5264


Jade plant. 25.09.15


Peace Lily. 25.09.15


Crown Prince Squash. 24.09.15


Spider plant. 23.09.15


Studio sale lucky dip boxes

***PLEASE NOTE THESE ARE NOW SOLD OUT, thanks so much for all of your orders!***

I’m going to be moving to a new studio soon (yay!!!) and in an attempt to get organised I’m having my first ever studio sale!!! Over the past few years I’ve made changes to my packaging and products, and because of this I have quite a lot of perfectly lovely items in boxes taking up room. I am now selling lucky dip sample boxes for £10.00 each which will include a random selection of items adding up to a value of at least £30. You can purchase one here and it will all be beautifully packaged in a box for you. Here’s an example of what you might find in your box:

studio sale box_898

A drawing a day…

Over the past few years, as I’ve got busier and busier with the day to day running a business side of things, I’ve really struggled to fit in time to draw. I’ve always kept a list of ideas for drawings which is added to much much quicker than I’ve managed to work through it. I’ve decided enough is enough, it’s such an important thing to me and my business that I’m going to make it much more of a priority. I’m going to aim to do a drawing every day, even if it’s just a small one. I’ll be posting pictures over on my Instagram if you want to follow me there. I’m really looking forward to getting back to my sketchbook!

Day one: a spider plant!DRAW_spider_plant

Lake District trip

As I mentioned in a previous post, this has been a really hard year, so a couple of weeks ago I took a week off, which has done me the world of good. We hired a car for the whole week and had a few day trips, including a drive out to Ribblehead for a walk by the viaduct. Another day we packed the bikes in the boot and headed up to Ripley and cycled into Harrogate along the greenway for lunch. Then back to Ripley for an ice cream and a bit more cycling, it was such a sunny day, really lovely. Then we had a little trip up to Grassington with my mum for a wander around and a fancy meal, then home in time for pub quiz!
On Wednesday morning we packed the car and headed across Yorkshire and over to the wonderful Lake district for 3 nights. On the way we made a little detour to stop off at RSPB Leighton Moss, the sun came out and we had a lovely walk around, we had lunch in the woodland picnic area with the bullfinches, nuthatches and coal tits. Then we wandered around a bit, we got some great views of the red deer, a nice view of a water rail, there were a few waders around too and it was a lovely day. We then headed up to Ambleside, our base for the next few days.
On Thursday we got up for an early morning swim and sauna, then headed out to Langdale for a walk. The weather turned out to be really great and we had a brilliant day, stopping off at Grasmere on the way home to pick up some gingerbread, making it back in time for another swim and a dip in the hot tub before going out for dinner.
On Friday we were expecting the weather to be bad, we had our morning swim and then headed up to Grasmere for a little walk (and a failed attempt to see some red squirrels!). We drove up to Keswick for some lunch, stopping at Thirlmere for a little walk where we spotted a big frog! After Keswick we drove down via Ullswater and stopped off for a little drink at the Kirkstone Pass Inn, before heading back to Ambleside.
Saturday morning we checked out and headed back to Grasmere for coffee with some friends, then we went down to Tarn Hows where I freaked out when we came across a MASSIVE bull! Afterwards we set off home, getting back to Otley in time to go out for our friends birthday. Here’s some waterfalls (I love waterfalls!!!)
The Lake District was the perfect place for our relaxing trip, the landscape was absolutely beautiful and I came back inspired and raring to get back to work. I’m hoping to soon be able to add a Lake District print to sit alongside my Yorkshire Dales one.

New A6 notebooks


Following the success of my A5 notebooks I’ve had some of my favourite designs from my pocket notebook range printed and made for me by a local company. They are still 100% recycled too! They also now have squared paper inside, my favourite paper for writing notes on! I’ve kept the design the same for the Birdwatcher’s and Garden ones but have redesigned the allotment one to get more vegetables on there and I’ve added a new travel notebook! (I used one of these myself for planning our  recent trip to the lake district!).


Allotment notebook. Squared paper. £4.75


Birdwatcher’s notebook. Squared paper. £4.75


Garden notebook. Squared paper. £4.75


Travel notebook. Squared paper. £4.75

Chris Broughton (1949-2015)

The past six months have been incredibly tough, I’ve spent a lot less time on my work than usual and more time with my family. In August my dad died, he was an amazing illustrator, my biggest inspiration and a really great friend.


Dad was a regular contributor to the New Arcadian Journal since 1986, as well as being a freelance illustrator, and a lecturer in illustration at Bradford college. In the last couple of years he’d been drawing mainly on his iPad and in the months before he died, he was still drawing, as much as he could, often in the middle of the night, he hadn’t lost any of his enthusiasm for his work. He was really excited about his website which my brother has made for him, though there’s still a lot of his work to put online, you can see what we’ve added so far here.

Western-Garden-overview-WWWestern Garden overview, West Wycombe

Hello September!

I can’t believe it’s September already! I’ve had a very busy year so far and I’m just about to take a short break to relax before I head into the madness of Christmas preparation (eek!). When I get back though I’m going to be really organised and will be starting up my monthly newsletters again, you can sign up for that here.

Also I’ve added a lovely bee design to my A5 Notebooks!


Temporary Tattoos – 2015

I’ve been making temporary tattoos of my designs since 2010, but this year I’ve changed the designs a bit and I now get them printed by a local company in Leeds. The new tattoos come in 7 different sets: birds, bees, cocktails, owls, craft, woodland animals and whales.TATTOO_IMAGES They are in the shop here.