On our way back from our holiday we stopped off at this wonderful place. I really didn’t expect it to be as good as it was, but it was the highlight of the whole holiday! it’s tucked away on a little road between Launceston and Bude, and we got there just in time for the lunchtime otter feed. There was a really great talk from the man who was feeding them. The otters were amazing! they were so loud! There was a little woodland area where we met a little muntjac deer (it only had 3 legs and had been hand reared so was very tame) and I got to stroke it! There were wallabies, peacocks, a bengal eagle owl, a snowy owl and lots of ducks (including my favourite-the pintail). Then just as we were leaving we discovered that you could watch the otters sleeping through glass covered holts in a couple of huts! ┬áSeriously if you are going anywhere near you should visit!