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design/craft book reviews

Sew U by Wendy Millin

This book is one of my favourite craft books of recent years. It’s brilliant for those with neither the time nor the patience to learn pattern cutting in great depth. I count myself as one of those people but so far i have made 3 skirts and a shirt. You get the basic patterns for a skirt, shirt and trousers, all in 3 sizes. and the instructions are really easy to follow. There are some great tips for organising your sewing equipment and fabrics too and the book looks amazing as well!

Illustration Play, Gingko Press

This is a wonderful book! it is packed full of brilliant contemporary illustration, showcasing artists using a wide variety of techniques. Every page has something inspirational to offer. The artist interviews at the back are great too!

Tactile: High Touch Visuals

This book is really amazing, it’s full of great work, it reminds me of being in a gallery and coming across a piece of art that makes you want to touch it, and you can’t help but wait till no-one’s looking and have a little touch just to see what it feels like. Well at least with this book there’s nobody to tell you off , and although it’s not quite the same touching a page in a book it’s fascinating all the same.