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Tidy desk – a behind the scenes look at my studio.

So today I tidied my desk a bit and thought I’d show you how I have it set up so that I can pack my orders easily each day.

guide to my desk space
I’m lucky to have a really big desk, so there’s room for everything I need.
This is the space next to me when I sit at my desk.
This is the area behind my desk, so everything is within easy reach for packing orders.
I store my cards, notebooks, mugs and temporary tattoos on the other side of the room.

CHRISTMAS 2017 Last ordering dates!

Last ordering dates for Christmas:
Please place orders by the date for your region to receive them in time for Christmas. Dates are based on the last posting dates given by Royal Mail, I’m afraid that I’m unable to make any guarantee that the orders will arrive in time. After these dates orders will still be posted out within 3 working days, but it’s unlikely they would arrive in time for Christmas.
UK: Monday 18th December
USA, CANADA & WESTERN EUROPE: Monday 4th December
REST OF WORLD: Thursday 30th November

New Japan Collection available now!

I visited Japan in 2016, it was incredible and it’s somewhere I’ve always wanted to go. Following on from last year’s Bonsai print I have a new collection available which combines some of my favourite bits of our trip along with some things we didn’t quite manage to see (the snow monkeys will have to wait for our next visit!).


Taking some time off…

I’m going to have to take a little time off whilst I go into hospital for an operation. Any orders placed by midnight on Wednesday 14th Sept will go out on 15th. Any orders placed after that will be posted once I’m home and back to work (which should be by 20th September).  Sorry for any inconvenience. x

I’m away on holiday!

I’m going to be away until 13th May (on a super exciting trip to visit family in Korea and a quick trip over to Japan!). You can still order from my shop whilst I’m away but orders won’t be posted until I get back.


Studio update

Any orders placed between 4th March and 16th March won’t be posted out until 17th March as I have to pack everything away in my studio (eek! just when I’d got it all organised and nice!), as we need to have some rewiring done.